Review process for the two categories consists of four stages which are set below.

Stage 1 – Screening for eligibility

Stage 2 – Selection of ASEAN Member States Finalists for each category

Stage 3 – Selection of the two Regional Finalists for each category

Stage 4 – Selection of winner for each category

Stage 1 – Eligibility review – Once the application window has closed, the Prize administrators will review each application to verify that it is complete, and that the application meets the criteria as set out in Section V Application Requirements. Applications that do not meet the criteria will be automatically disqualified.

The pool of eligible applicants will proceed on to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Selection of the ASEAN Member States (AMS) Finalists for each category – One Mid-career Scientist and one Senior Scientist from each AMS.

Each ASEAN Member State will assess all eligible applications for each category from their respective state and select one National Finalist for each category using the evaluation criteria as set out below. The decision of the ASEAN Member State is final.

The Prize administrator will notify each national finalist of her status by June 2023. Upon receiving word of her selection, each National Finalist will be asked to submit a video (no more than 3 minutes) for the next stage of the judging process. Details of the content of the video will be included in the notification. All National Finalists will have two weeks from the time of notice to submit their videos. These videos will be broadcast through YouTube and social media to highlight the work of each of the twenty National Finalists.

Stage 3 – Selection of two Regional Finalists for each category.

The representatives from the Underwriters Laboratories, USAID, and ASEAN will review the application and pre-recorded videos of the national finalist and complete a ranking form. Two Regional Finalists from each category will be selected based on the highest and second highest scores.

The two Regional Finalists for each category will be asked to prepare an abstract of their research, a resume, and a presentation to be used in Stage 4.

Stage 4 – Selection of Winner for each category.

This will be done via a pitch competition at a platform determined by the Prize administrators. The judging panel will consist of representatives from Underwriters Laboratories, national COSTI chairs of each ASEAN Member State, USAID, and the ASEAN Secretariat.

Each Regional Finalist will have five minutes to deliver her pitch and another five minutes to answer questions from the judging panel.

The finalist with the most votes will be named the winner while the other finalist will be conferred the honorable mention.