PhD. MSc. BSc. (Science), BSc. (Nursing), Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE), RM, RN

Dr Shorey is an Assistant Professor at Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research programme focuses on family and women health. Through her research, she aims to improve the health and well-being of families in particular, women. She has designed psychosocial and educational interventions for varied group of populations including new parents, women with gynaecological disorders, grand-parents and children with chronic conditions. She has conducted both quantitative (e.g. Randomized controlled trials, Descriptive quantitative studies) and qualitative (e.g. Descriptive qualitative) studies.  Her research studies involve national and international collaborations. Dr Shorey’s research focus is on enhancing health outcomes, quality of care and general well-being of families. She strongly believes that healthy families will be able to contribute better to their communities which in turn will help build healthy societies and strong nations.  

Dr Shorey has received various awards for her academic and research excellence. Of recent, she has received the ‘Outstanding woman in Medical Science’ award by the Venus International Foundation. She has been invited at various conferences and the findings of her research has been presented at national, regional and international conferences. She has published more than 80 papers in high impact factor peer reviewed journals. Dr Shorey’s research has been regularly published in National Newspapers, and broadcasted via several Television (TV) and Radio Channels. For her past work for Singaporean parents, Dr Shorey is recognized by the Ministry of Social and Family Health (MSF) in Singapore to contribute her educational content to the Families for Life Portal. Dr Shorey is currently serving   as an advisor for the MSF to support Singaporean parents for their parenting needs in Singapore. 

Dr Shorey is an experienced and award-winning educator who believes in life-long learning and student-centred approach in facilitating evidence-based students’ learning. Dr Shorey is known among her peers and students as someone who constantly innovates and enhances her teaching pedagogies by incorporating varied educational theories. Dr Shorey has incorporated virtual reality and artificial intelligence in her teaching and she was awarded the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (Highest Teaching Accolade at NUS) and the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2019. Dr Shorey serves as an editorial board member for the renowned international peer reviewed journals and she has served as a reviewer for more than 20 peer reviewed journals. Dr Shorey represented Singapore for the Southeast and East Asian Nursing Education and Research Network (SEANERN) and the Global Working Group (GWG) on Salutogenesis. Recently, Dr Shorey has co-edited the Fatherhood bulletin with the Australian Fatherhood Network.  Dr Shorey wishes to be a role model for young women scientists by making contributions in achieving sustainable goals of good health and well-being for the new parents, their children, and the society at large globally.