Tran Thi Thanh Huyen is a biomedical researcher from Hanoi, Vietnam. With more than 18 years of working experience, she appreciates the high potential application of biomedical technologies for improvement of disease diagnosis/ prognosis and even treatment support.  Her work therefore mainly aims to find biomarkers and to design suitable assays for detecting gene mutations that are responsible for diseases.  With great interest in biomedical research, she has been actively looking for and building collaborations with both public and private sectors to bring values of advanced biomedical technologies to improve healthcare for people, especially young children. Together with the research team of Vinmec Research Institute of Stem cell and Gene technology, Dr. Huyen is investigating the genetic causes of nonsyndromic hearing loss and developing ethnic-specific platforms for genetic detection that is flexible and suitable for local hospital settings. The work promises not only early detection of hearing loss in neonates and young children, but also allows the team to find appropriate preventive interventions, allowing the affected children and their families to have good quality of life.

She believes in collaborative science where researchers, educators, clinicians and many other can participate. As a female scientist, she wish to create research activities in a fair and decent environment where many female scientists can devote their mind and willingness for a better community healthcare.